UV inspection lantern

E-OPT PS 121


Robust, handheld rechargeable inspection spotlight with a power density at the hot spot of 10,000uW/cm2 and 1500uW/cm2 at 38cm (15") The UV inspection lantern is used to detect contaminations that react under UV-illumination and cannot be seen with naked eye such as some organic fats, alkaline contaminants etc.. Ideal to inspect the cleanliness of steel prior to painting.
Delivered in a sturdy plastic suitcase complete with yellow safety glasses for optimal contrast. Recharger included.

Technical specifications:

  • Wavelength : 365 nm.
  • Length: 160 mm.
  • LED lifetime: 20,000 hours.
  • Runtime (fully charged): approximately 3 hours.


Packing list:UV lantern, UV protective glasses, Li-ion battery, battery charger, carrying case.


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