OptimizaStore developed by the company Optimiza started its activity in 2012. Optimizastore is an on-line store for the supply of inspection and test equipment, where you can find the best technology and the best brands for quality control in surface preparation. and application of coatings, in just one click.

Our division has evolved to become a benchmark for the sale of inspection and test equipment in the area of ​​anticorrosive protection, coatings and finishes at the national and international level.

With OptimizaStore you have:

Care fully customized by engineers and inspectors with extensive experience and certificates NACE, FROSIO, RMCI, SSPC and ICORR.
National and international technical advice according to your needs, with the best technology available in the market always at the best guaranteed price.
Monthly offers of equipment from the best brands at unbeatable prices.
Custom budgets and immediate attention.
You do not inspect only: You have the support of our technical service, which dominates the coating inspection techniques and processes.
After sales service and / or return if you are not satisfied with your product.
Quality guarantee of all our products.
Calibration services with maintenance and calibration programs, through traceability or certification by independent laboratories and with ENAC accreditation in most trials.

Quality and proximity at the best price.

The best quality in Products and Service.

OPTIMIZASTORE carefully selects all its products and only sells first brands with the best after-sales service.

Our inspectors and engineers have extensive experience in surface preparation and treatment consulting, inspection, auditing, resource management and training in the area of ​​anticorrosive protection and protective coatings, so that this knowledge on the subject can help select the best option that suits your needs for each specific case.

Knowledge in just one click, our differentiating aspect.

We believe in personal treatment depending on the specific needs of each of our clients. Optimizastore has a team dedicated to the search, improvement and advice of each of its products and thus offer an immediate solution to the requirements of each of our customers.

On our website you can find all the options offered by the market for each type of product, simply by entering our online catalog.