Chloride Ion Test Kit for Abrasives

E-OPT PS 068


Chlorides deposited on a surface by contaminated abrasives during blasting can cause a coating to fail prematurely. 

Contamination can build up, particularly if the blast media is recycled several times. Using the Chloride Ion Test in the field will accurately identify contamination and prevent costly surface-related failures.

Technical specifications:

  • Measurement range: 1 - 60 µg/cm² ( 1- 60 ppm).
  • Resolution: 1 µg/cm².
  • Sample time: 1.5 minutes.
  • Test per kit: 4.
  • Storage Conditions: Not exceeding  25 ºC.


Packing list: 4 x test kits, containing: abrasive sample container, mixing container with a pre-measured quantity of solution, titration tube, titration tube snapper, strap and operating instructions.