Rechargable Flashlight Led P7R

E-OPT LI 003


The flashight P7R has a high quality light and a good rechargeable battery: high luminous flux of 1,000 lm and 210 m distance, with only 16.6 cm flashlight. The LED flashlight P7R protects the environment through a comfortable magnetic rechargable system  and it is always handy when you need light.


- Up to 1000 lumens.
- 210 meters distance.
- 3 light functions: High power, Power, Low Power.
- Rechargeable contact with the magnet (no need to remove the battery).
- Homogeneous circle of light (unfocused) and long-distance light (focused)
- The bracket on the wall makes P7R always handy when you need light.
- Long life - up to 40 hours at the lowest setting.
- Programs individual lighting system and optimized power consumption - Smart Light Technology.
- Practical charge indicator: red - charging, green - fully charged.
- Quick Charge - fully charged in 5 hours.
- Protected cons splashing water - IPX4.
- For long-term robust -carcasa high quality metal and gold-plated cotactos.

Technical Specifications:

- Luminous Flux: 1000 lm 250 lm 20 lm
- Distance:            210m   150m    40m
- Life:                         5h      2h     40h
- Charging time: 5 h.
- Length: 166 mm.
-Weight: 210 grams.

Packing list: P7R flashlight, battery, battery charger, case and intructions.


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