Flashlight Led Lenser H7R

E-OPT LI 009


We try the impossible to achieve the possible . Our developers , engineers and designers are particularly proud of the LED LENSER ® H7R . Two new functions demonstrate once again that we have an impressive capacity for technological advancement : the dimming function , which controls brightness and is infinitely adjustable between 0 and 100 and high precision optics manufactured in Nuremberg. The innovative lens system not only generates a wide beam and circular light also focused long distance accurately. The flashlight is easy to handle , and its enormous capacity and luminosity leave nothing to be desired. The front includes rechargeable batteries and a charger , which minimizes operating costs . Brilliant: The flashlight also works with AAA alkaline batteries .

Technical Specifications:

LED  1 x Cree
Weight  120 g
Luminous flux  170 lm*
Batteries  3 x AAA Rechargeable or 3 x AAA Alkaline .
Energy Deposit  4,5 Wh
Battery life  54 h**
Range   180 m*


Packing list: Flashlight H7R and instructions for use .


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